i got project upstream-ed
06 Jan 2009 12:17 EST

Project Upstream is a social network experiment that randomly connects two people via an AIM connection. Here's a better description. Suffice to say I tweeted at work, and got Project Upstream-ed. I googled the screenname immediately to figure out what was going on, found a list, and then read about the project.

Session Start (MyScreenname:accusatorycoho): Tue Jan 06 11:58:26 2009
[11:58] accusatorycoho: I hope your day is wonderfully amazing, just like you!
[12:01] accusatorycoho: eh?
[12:01] MyScreenname: yea - happened to me too. it's a social networking experiment. i didn't actually send you the IM
[12:02] MyScreenname: look here: http://innerworkingsofaspacecase.blogspot.com/2008/07/project-upstream.html
[12:02] MyScreenname: and i'm not sure what screenname you see; but it isn't mine. (neither of us has any idea who the other is)
[12:02] accusatorycoho: okay, and?
[12:03] MyScreenname: and nothing. they expect us to chat or something. i dunnoe.
[12:03] accusatorycoho: oh, weird.
[12:04] MyScreenname: it's an interesting concept; but i'm at work so i can't really chat.
[12:04] MyScreenname: have a nice day though
[12:04] accusatorycoho: you as well.
[12:04] accusatorycoho: later
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